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Reviews of graduates
Why the department of System Design?

Fedorenko Oleksij

Group: DA-91

Class of 2005

Place of work: engineering company (Germany)

   Personally for me studying at the department was dynamic, effective, interesting and full with events. Teachers' activity and professionalism and the enthusiasm of young scientists, involved in learning process, make studying and scientific research specially productive. Personally I would like to point out a wide network of department’s international connections that allows students to study and to do internships at the leading universities all over the world. Personally I gained among a lot of different things at the department an opportunity to feel strong at the labor market and found myself today to be taking part in a very interesting project in the engineering company.

Marina Shpakayskas

   "It was a good time! It is nice to think of that times when I was studying and working at the department as a system administrator. The department have contributed me greatly and I am very grateful to all the teachers.

   On the final years I have worked in the MTS in the Department of exploitation NSS (system of commutation) and I was engaged in the support of switching equipment systems. This summer I switched to the information security department. My main working areas and responsibilities are:

1. Administration and maintenance of company's security systems.
2. Conducting information systems security audits.
3. Conducting internal investigations and detection of security incidents (information leaks, system hacking, etc.)
4. Protection and anti-fraud in networks operators. I am satisfied with the work, I have opportunities to use my skills and gain very good experience.

Соломко Валентин Анатолійович

  Born on May 9, 1982, in Kyiv. A 2005 graduate of CAD department. In 2002 joined the IC design group lead by V. Stikanov. After graduation in 2005, continued as a scientific assistant with the Chair of Circuit Design, Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus, Germany, where he was giving lectures and practical course on radio-frequency engineering. Since 2009 works as a research engineer in General Electric Company, Munich.


-       2003 – bachelor degree

-       2005 – master degree

-       In 2008 got a doctoral degree (Doktor der Ingenieurwissenschaften) from Brandenburg University of Technology. Thesis: “Monolithically Integrated Sigma-Delta Frequency Synthesizers in 0.13 μm CMOS”

Professional Experience / Achievements

-       Design of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits in CMOS and BiCMOS technologies (frequency synthesizers, ADCs, power amplifiers, low-power sensors, readout circuits for x-ray sensors etc.)

-       6 publications, among them are 2 utility models

-       Reviewer for IET journals

Kuz Pavlo Serhijovych

Group ZDA-41

Graduated in 2010 (distance course)

   I was working as a network engineer at the MTS Ukraine when I was graduating, soon after that I switched to the Google Australia also to the position of network engineer, where I work today. Well, the previous 9 years working in IT I will probably modestly omit .
Education at the CAD helped me to expand my horizons and systematize knowledge in mathematics and computer sciences, and the work with my supervisor on a diploma project helped me in proper organization of projects at work.

Pushkar Volodymyr Ivanovych
Studied in 1998 - 2004
Senior system administrator at the Department CAD FEL KPI: 2001- to this day
Senior System Engineer at the "MTS Ukraine": 2005 - 2010
Unix / network system administrator of the corporation "Quasar-Micro": 2004 - 2005
System Architecture Ltd. "Digital Screens": 2011 - to this day
Senior system administrator "Digital Ventures": 2010 — 2011 Head of the department
  Studying at the CAD department gave me an invaluable experience and knowledge in information technologies, confidence in my professional abilities and possibilities for further improvement.

Yurij Yakimov,class of 2007 , DA-12

Consultant for SAP, KONE Lifts Moscow, Russia

   Studying at the KPI was not an easy experience for me, because I have always leaned to the humanities. The CAD was chosen on the basis of "I need to learn what I know least." And I has not lost. The skill to quickly understand new challenges, a confident work with massive amounts of diverse information, the ability to point out important and fundamental, the ability to structure, devolving into the problem — that is what being taught at the CAD Department ,and this is what allows me to worry less about world crises. Graduates of CAD, tempered with hardtraining will always be needed and demanded at today's job market.

Chernyshyn Vjacheslav FEL CAD Class of 2004

Manager of Foreign economic activity, group of companies “Krutye Tachki”

   The CAD Department has gave me a lot in life. To be exact - it gave me the most important! - An engineer thinking, a way of learning and growing as a person. Although I work not in my specialty(in foreign economics) and gained second degree in economics, I think of CAD as my primary education. Because those principles and abilities to study and understand the science, that were given me by the teachers I use every day. I remember a quote by Petrenko Anatolij Ivanovich- "a real engineer does not need to know everything, but he needs to know, where and what to look for".

   This is probably one of the main principles of work in our time. The first job in logistics, I found while I was an engineer in one of the Kiev's Internet provider company. And I got a second degree very confidently after the KPI. So the starting point in my life was CAD...

Vitalij Baranovskij, class of 2004 (MA)

   I think of the time studying at the department with great pleasure. Despite the fact that in my field (java-application corporate development), I got not so many specific knowledge, while studying at the department, this training gave me a powerful general theoretical basis that has allowed me to quickly and easily study any technology. As a result, I know technologies deeply and understand how everything works inside, and my knowledge is not superficial. So my value as a specialist is quit high.

I have worked in the company LLC "Liga" and have supervised the development of the portal liga.net. Together with other students from our department who also had been working there, we had established a leading business portal of Ukraine, which was designed so well that have worked even without additional development for 3.5 years after our resigning from the company.
Now I am working on a project as a team leader in the NetKreker.

Name: OksanaTkanko

Class of: 2009

Place of work: Skype (http://skype.com/)

Position: Software Engineer - Secure Web Services at Skype

What was the studying at the SD Department like?
-It's a  good question. The first course - was the most difficult but also the most interesting, because everything was new. Starting with the residence conditions (dormitories) to the large lecture halls. But! Getting involved in the process, one finds new in the familiar environment and one starts to get more of what is wanted  and more clearly understands what the desirable.Thus one gradually approaches to the question.

What has it given me?

First of all — it's knowledge. Different knowledge- purely technical and life skills.

The Department:
1. has taught me to prioritize.
2. has showen that in order to pass something (test / exam) one should complete all the assignments.
3. has provided with an opportunity of participation in different projects.
4. has provided with an opportunity of doing something not for the sake of time, but for the specific purpose.
5. has taught to work in a team.
6. has provided with an opportunity of going beyond the curriculum and implementing ideas.
And most importantly, the Department has provided me with an opportunity to do what is really interesting.

About my work:
Now I work in the Skype office in Tallinn (Estonia). I spend a lot of time here, but with a clear understanding that it is not in vain. We help people to be closer, to see and to hear each other.

Ishchuk Valentyn, Class of 2005.

Research Associate, Institute of Micro-and nano-electronics in the Technological University of Ilmenau, Germany.

     The CAD Department  gives students the opportunity to obtain multilateral knowledge in the sphere of high technology, whether it is hardware or software of electronic devices. During the classes the principle of operation of calculating devices has being taught on various levels, from the physics of semiconductor devices to the circuit architecture for personal computer in general. Concurrently, a lot of attention is being paid to  the software development technology and system analysis. All together give a very good knowledge base for finding interesting and promising work and further self-development.

    The Department’s cooperation with foreign universities gave me the opportunity to go to pre-thesis practice to Germany for six months. I have been  studying for several years now in postgraduate school of the University of Technology Ilmenau in Germany and my major is modeling of plasma processing of silicon, participating in an international European project at the same time. In cooperation with American colleagues I have completed a six months internship in the University of California at Berkeley in the Lawrence Lab. We have presented with our working group at the conference EIPBN 2011 in Las Vegas the recent results obtained with the help of our simulation software package.

Krasnoshapka Volodymyr Oleksandrovych

Class of: 2005

Place of work: Ciklum (www.ciklum.net)

Position: PHP / Drupal Lead developer

   I was so lucky with the choice of profession as well as with the choice of the most wonderful department in the NTUU “KPI”- the department of Computer Aided Design. 
   I want to thank the great faculty for the theoretical basis which I received while studying at the Department of CAD. Also, thanks to the teachers I was fortunate to find my first job! I wish that experience and the school,that exist at the department continue developing in spite of everything, helping future generations get  the most demanded profession of the 21st century, related to information technologies.

Roenko Nataliya Serhiyivna

Class of 2006

Group - ДА-02

  My best memories and experiences are from my university years! With the knowledge obtained at the SD Department ,on the 4th course I got to be a journalist and wrote articles on modern computer technology and IT development in Ukraine. After the SD Department I decided to pursue a career in PR-technologies, where my work was connected with the organization's website. It is the knowledge that I gained during the studying that have helped me in all that concerned the development, administration, promotion and maintenance of the site.

  Today I am a head of the office in one of the major real estate agencies in Ukraine and I am more than confident that in the development of my career a "baggage" of knowledge that I gained as a student of SD Department  has proofed to be significant.

I would like to point out that the SD Department has been different from others with special family atmosphere. All the teachers are very sensitive people, always ready to help students, and they will forever stay in my heart.

I graduated the SD Department in 2005 and I had been working for 2 years in the bank in managing of payment cards, what had determined my following career. Now I have been working for 4 years already in the company I had dreamed to work for since 2003. The Company is “Ukrainian Processing Center” and it is a leader of outsourcing IT service companies for banking sector in Ukraine. Technical education received at the CAD Department helps me even today. Logical thinking skills, subject base allow using them not only in working process but in every day life as well.

Nowadays its a well known fact that technical universities' graduates that major in computer technologies are the most required on the labor-market. One of these universities is the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” it is one of the most known technical universities in Ukraine and in the world and has many achievements in scientific work, faculty practice and qualified specialist's training. One of the most modern directions in information technologies is computer sciences.

Computer science are connected with the active use of computers in science, technique, business, healthcare and many other spheres of human activity. They give tremendous possibilities for the successful career, and people who work in the field of computer technologies play the key role in forming of a modern information society. It is important that the field of computer sciences attracts the most talented students from very different layers of society that allows to bring them up as skilled and responsible specialists, scientists, and engineers.

In the NTUU “KPI” specialist’s education in computer science is being officially performed by only 4 departments: two departments (MMSA and SD) of Institute for Applied System Analysis (IASA) and Departments of the Faculty of Computational and Information Techniques of Heat-and-Power Engineering Faculty. Therefore promotional stands in admission offices of other departments and faculties on specialist’s training in computer science and information technologies, is ,to say the least, is an exaggeration - as this assignment is not their core specialization. And what unique features in curriculum and in specialist's training are characteristics of IASA in particular and of the System Design Department in general?

1. First of all, the curriculum is based on international standards, namely, on the Computing Curricula 2004 educational program. Department’s curriculum isn’t focused only on programming disciplines, and due to advanced mathematical and circuit engineering courses it provides students with wide range of knowledge and skills in the field of modern computing tools and information technologies.

2.Success in specialist's training is defined not only by the curriculum itself. It is very important by whom and in what conditions this program is being performed. Education at the SD Department is based on a very powerful material and technical basis and on scientific researches of the Department, defined in Ukraine and abroad. The SD Department is the permanent performer of European international scientific research programs (TEMPUS, INCO-Copernicious), of international programs of Ukrainian Scientific Technological Centre (USTC), of direct contracts with pioneering foreign companies (Digital, Motorola, Intel, IHP, Melexis, Panasonic, IBM), State programs of Ukraine on informatization, for instance, 'Creation of National Grid infrastructure for providing scientific research and education' project (2007-10). Students are widely involved in these projects, that give them possibilities to get practical skills of developing and supporting complex computer systems and their software even during the period of education. For instance, the joint laboratory of the Department and the Melexis Company, which is equipped with 15 licensed modern design Cadence systems, enables students to execute projects in conditions that are maximally close to those of Western Companies in equipment and technologies used, that are yet not presented in Ukraine.

Students who are involved in administrating and managing the Department's local network have unique possibilities of gaining professional knowledge of maintenance of the IASA World Data Center ,that works in a world network of 52 analogue centers in 12 countries and students have possibility of working in the Center for Supercomputer Computations of NTUU 'KPI', that is leaded by the SD Department faculty.

Both experience of pioneering countries and own SD Department experience show that computer scientists successfully fulfil themselves in the three following directions:

- Software design and implementation. They are invited for perspective positions of programmers. They get in charge of coordination other programmers who are less aware of the new approaches in programming.

- Search and developing the new ways and directions of computer usage. Achievements in the field of creating computer networks, data and knowledge bases, user-friendly human-computer interface enabled to create Internet and Web service (WWW). Nowadays researchers work on building the world Grid network for sharing computational capabilities and data repositories. Grid enables to go beyond the simple data exchange between computers, and to turn their global network into some kind of giant virtual computer, available in remote mode from any point, independently on user's location.

- Development of efficient ways for solving computerization tasks. For example, computer scientists develop efficient ways of data storing in data bases, data transfer via computer networks and display of complex information. Their theoretical fundamental training enables them to find the best decisions of all possible, and their knowledge of algorithms helps to develop the new approaches which provide better functionality and efficiency of projects or systems being created.

Its interesting to study at the SD Department. Only due to the  interest to computational techniques and new computer technologies the GPA among five-year students achieves 4.6, and more than 15% of graduates get honors degree.

Don't be afraid of the curriculum's complexity! What is interesting that can be easily done!

So Join the SD Department!